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窓を閉め切っても過ごせるような日がくると。季節はゆっくりと動いてるのを肌で実感しますねー。 フランス産まれのパピエダルメ二イ(紙のお香)は天然由来。 古くからお部屋の空気清浄、また匂い消しに懐かしい薫りが効果を発揮します。ミシン目にそって、1回分を切り離し蛇腹折りに、立てて使用して下さいね。 今シーズンもdeccoでも取扱いしております。 ...

autumn in london

モンゴルで開催された"Хээр тал, Далай тэнгис" үзэсгэлэн(英題 "Steppe and Ocean" 展)からのスピンオフ。...

bugs in rim plate

It's just a play on the plate with my son, while we're waiting a dinner is ready♫

ヘビーユーズ 2015

45secs. exhibition archive @ MIX life-style, Okinawa Japan - Jun.2015

It seems that 10pm in okinawa would be 9am in NY time

This 100secs clip is the archive of 3days art exhibition by painter and ceramic artists. This story below is an archive of the art exhibition between a painter and ceramic artists. Ayako Maeda the “painter” and “decco” (ceramic artists) are both from the south island of Okinawa, Japan. In the autumn of 2014, Ayako Maeda (“painter”) had spent almost 70 days in New York in order to create paintings and have exhibitions in Brooklyn, New York. Before departing to New York, ...