It seems that 10pm in okinawa would be 9am in NY time

This 100secs clip is the archive of 3days art exhibition by painter and ceramic artists.

This story below is an archive of the art exhibition between a painter and ceramic artists.

Ayako Maeda the “painter” and “decco” (ceramic artists) are both from the south island of Okinawa, Japan.

In the autumn of 2014, Ayako Maeda (“painter”) had spent almost 70 days in New York in order to create paintings and have exhibitions in Brooklyn, New York.

Before departing to New York, Ayako and the decco agreed to have an experimental joint project from both Okinawa and New York using only social media to share images (SNS/social networking service)

The idea behind this project was “non-conversation.”

Every night at the exact same time, 10pm in Okinawa /9am in New York, both artists would send a single image with texts of the day to specific SNS pages from New York and Okinawa.

In addition to this, there was a rule that the both artist would not send/reply any comments about each posts from everybody including among themselve.

The both artist are expected to let the awareness of own time spent, by this treatment.

This exhibition is based upon the talents of both a painter and ceramic artists; however, this the exhibition was never planned before the trip to New York.

Some of the artwork was created during these 70 days and are being reborn and refreshed while preparing for this exhibition.

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Mrs. Ayako Maeda

decco – Ceramic Artist
Mr. Moritaka Nakamura
Mrs. Satoko Nakamura